Hoka Tor Speed 2 Mid WP Women's Walking Boots - SS18 Blue HOK402 Women - Outdoor Shoes GQSUWXL

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Hoka Tor Speed 2 Mid WP Women's Walking Boots

The TOR SPEED 2 MID WP is a lightweight, versatile hiking boot. It's a new breed of hiker with running shoe cushioning and hiking boot traction.

Waterproof Upper

Closed mesh uppers will encase each foot in durable comfort. Perforates in the fabric increase airflow; creating a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. Its lightweight, no-sew construction means this boot supplies an irritation-free fit, because we recognise how rubbing and blisters can ruin your day. A gusseted tongue repels debris and kicked-up dirt, so you can enjoy distraction-free exercise. Abrasion-resistant material wraps the toes to reinforce the boot's trail-worthy state, protecting you against roots, rocks and other general hazards. The plush ankle collar cradles the Achilles in next-to-skin comfort and stability; it helps to anchor the foot to the midsole, reducing in-shoe slippage for smooth distraction-free strides. Inside the upper, a Waterproof Bootie Construction exists to supply an optimal combination of durable waterproofing and breathability; because sometimes it's hard to stay dry without developing that distracting clammy feeling. Here, HOKA have developed a construction that won't let water in but will let perspiration escape; so it keeps you damp-free and comfortable on hotter, longer distance days and gives you no excuses on rainy ones.

Injection Moulded EVA Midsole

A single density platform of EVA resides in the midsole to supply resilient underfoot cushioning and comfort. The compound runs the full length of the shoe and is 30% softer than traditional EVA foam, sparing your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving terrain. HOKA employ their Active Foot Frame technology to allow your foot to sit deeper in the midsole rather than on top of it. This means inherent stability without the constraints or weight of extra support material.

Mega-Grip VIBRAM Outsole

A Vibram Mega-Grip outsole completes the Hoka Tor Speed 2. Developed for the user who frequently encounters slippery surfaces, VIBRAM Mega-Grip is suitable for trekking and multisport, as well as all-season hiking and travel. It offers an incomparable combination of grip and durability which helps to define it as the ideal high-performance rubber for extremely demanding activities. Aggressive 5mm lugs adorn this outsole to supply biting traction on wet, dry and sloppy ground surfaces. Fashioned from the sticky Vibram Mega-Grip rubber compound, they specialise in jagged terrain; keeping you confident as you tackle tricky ascents and daring descents.


  • Closed Mesh Upper - Breathable protection.
  • Lightweight No-Sew Construction - Reduces the risk of discomfort.
  • Waterproof Bootie Construction - Prevents water from entering the shoe.
  • Reinforced Toe Cap - For abrasion-resistant protection.
  • Gusseted Tongue - Repels dirt and debris.
  • Plush Ankle Collar - Wraps the heel and ankle for comfortable support.
  • Soft EVA Midsole - Offers enhanced cushioning and support.
  • Active Foot Frame - Increases feedback and responsiveness.
  • Mega-Grip VIBRAM - Ideal high-performance rubber compound for extremely demanding activities.
  • Drop - 5 mm
  • Heel - 25 mm
  • Forefoot - 20 mm
  • Weight - 306 g

Who Are HOKA One One

Hoka One One is the brainchild of two gravity sports enthusiasts Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud. Both men have been adventuring for as long as they can remember, and their trail running experiences have taken them across the globe. Both Jean-Luc and Nicolas are committed to the values of freedom and enjoyment and feel that this is part of to the running experience whether running on the trail or in the city. With this in mind they started to look at the variables that affected the performance of different types of runners. They quickly came to an important conclusion; fatigue, impacts and muscle strains were challenges that runners of all stripes had to deal with every day. So Jean-Luc and Nicolas came up with a brilliant idea, why not design a shoe that would help to alleviate these problems - so that freedom and enjoyment could be guaranteed every time you go running! From that idea Hoka One One was born. The word Hoka is derived from the ancient Maori language and roughly translated to "now it is time to fly". That's just how it feels to run in a pair of Hoka One One shoes; with each and every step, your foot flies. Today's runners from around the world are learning about the benefits of Hoka One One, they have been used by marathon winners. 50 miles, 100 miles and even 2000+ miles ultra-runners as well as runners just like you or I, who want to enjoy running, perform at their peak and feel that important sense of freedom whilst maintaining top physical performance and protecting against shocks, jolts and injuries. So put your best foot forward, it's time to fly!

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Hoka Tor Speed 2 Mid WP Women's Walking Boots - SS18 Blue HOK402 Women - Outdoor Shoes GQSUWXL