VivoBarefoot Wing Mesh Women's Walking Shoes - SS17 Green VIV556 Women - Outdoor Shoes PQGPIJY

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VivoBarefoot Wing Mesh Women's Walking Shoes

The Wing Mesh Walking Shoe from VivoBarefoot is a refined, minimalist performance shoe that lets you live barefoot. Its lightweight, super-low profile makes it the perfect shoe for yoga, gym, and indoor exercise classes.

Breathable Mesh Upper

The upper of the Wing Mesh Walking Shoe is made from synthetic, multi-ply materials which deliver a high level of breathability to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable by actively and efficiently wicking away sweat and moisture. The shoe also keeps your feet well ventilated and offers a smooth and comfortable feel and fit across the foot. A totally vegan-friendly product means the shoe has been made entirely from animal-free products and processes.

Pro 5 Outsole

Puncture resistant and hard wearing, Pro 5 rubber has been used to construct the outsole of the shoe which possesses the same density as the majority of the shoes available but can withstand up to five times more impact from rough debris. The outsole also provides optimal grip and traction to deliver an assured footing.


  • Breathable Mesh Upper - Provides a breathable environment, keeping the wearer cool and dry.
  • Pro 5 Outsole - 5 times more puncture resistant than most shoes outsoles.
  • Vegan - Produced using animal free products and processes.

About VivoBarefoot

VivoBarefoot was started up by two cousins, from a long line of cobblers dating back to 1825. Originally created in Somerset, the company is now based in Farringdon, London.

VivoBarefoot have travelled the world and worked with an array of leading modern and indigenous shoemakers. After a fruitful exploration, they came back to the beginning. The company is on a quest to find the perfectly designed shoe for your feet. Their goal is to give the wearer the chance for reconnection: with their feet, their childhood and the rest of the world.

VivoBarefoot believe that everyone should use all of their bones, muscles and nerve endings, all with a shoe that let the feet do their natural thing.

Manufacturer product code - VIV20007109

VivoBarefoot Wing Mesh Women's Walking Shoes - SS17 Green VIV556 Women - Outdoor Shoes PQGPIJY